Savannah Sunrise Online Slot Review for Players

Savannah Sunrise is an online slot game by Cryptologic. It features a stunningly realised visual theme based around the African Savannah, as the name suggests, and many slot players visit the game on a regular basis simply to soak in the atmosphere. From lions and rhinos to everything in between, the Savannah Sunrise slot game has all the recognised African icons you could ask for. Plus, the game also uses a convincingly realistic art style, which is not common in slot games, making Savannah Sunrise a slot game experience that stands apart from those around it.

The sound track, on the other hand, is a bit lacking, and it seems like a missed opportunity that the developers did not accompany the breath taking visuals with a suitable ambient soundtrack. In terms of game play Savannah Sunrise uses a standard five reel system. The betting lines, however, are not adjustable, with the All Reels system being utilised.

This system means that all reels are active all the time, and may not be raised or lowered, as the player might like. The result is a game experience that leaves little room for interactivity. Some players may enjoy this; while others may feel that strategy has been taken from their hands.

Symbol Designs

The high fidelity of the graphics in the Savannah Sunrise slot game has already been mentioned; so let’s take a closer look at some of the symbol designs. The elephant is the most valuable symbol in the game, and will even animate, trumpeting melodically, when landing in a matching sequence. Get him in a matching sequence of five and watch the money roll in.

The elephant is followed by the giraffe in terms of value, which will also animate, but offers a great deal less in payout potential. The zebra and baboon come next, which are the last valuable picture symbols in the game. The remaining symbols are the traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, and it is a touch disappointing that these symbols have not even been given an African theme. If you’re wondering where the king of the jungle is, fear not, he makes an appearance in the bonus symbols section.

Bonus Symbols

A game about Africa certainly wouldn’t be complete without the presence of the lion. The lion is a wild symbol in the Savannah Sunrise slot game, and will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. Note, however, that in the Savannah Sunrise slot game the wild symbol will not match with itself, as is possible in other slot games at

The second bonus symbol in the game is the baobab tree, shown with a magnificent sunset shining between its branches. The scatter symbol will match with itself up to five times, and will grant an instant twenty spins. The twenty free spins will play out automatically, with the gathered winnings paying out after the final spin has concluded. The scatter symbol also grants an instant small bonus upon being matched, in addition to the free spins, making it the most valuable bonus symbol in the game.