Casino Themed Christmas Party

It is always difficult to come up with new and innovative ideas for a party, whether it be an office party or just a get together with friends. A casino themed party is a great way to end the year.

The Invitations

To make it fun why not send out invitations, print them the size of a playing card and stick them on the card.  Another idea is to use casino chips as tickets for the plus ones and for those who are working at the party. These days electronic invites are more popular so you can use fonts that will give the invite a casino Las Vegas feel so you may want to use fonts like Lounge Bait or Casino.  Why not include some casino motifs like dice or playing cards and this will ensure that everyone knows it is a casino theme and adds more fun to the party.  Before sending out your invites you may also want to decide what type of casino theme you would like, will it be a speakeasy type or the Las Vegas lounge type.

Type of Casino Theme

If you are going for the Las Vegas vibe then you can use velvet ropes and get some sparkly lights and decorations.  Use green felt for the tables to give that extra casino feel to the party.  If you have the budget you can get some casino chips or bingo cards custom made especially for the party. and if you want you can have the company logo printed on it and your guests can keep them as souvenirs.

The Games

It would be fun to have a range of casino games that includes the popular ones like Texas Hold’em, blackjack, roulette and craps.  Rather choose games that are easy to learn as not all people will have played casino games and you would like everyone to have fun.  Before everyone starts playing maybe someone can give a quick lesson on how to play like how the poker rankings work or how to play craps.  There are sure to be people who have played before, but organise with someone beforehand to be on standby if anyone needs help.

You may want to hire proper equipment like tables and dealers, but this would depend on how big your budget is as this can be quite expensive.  If the company is paying you may be able to swing it.  There are various renting outlets online that offer excellent services.  If you are not able to hire dealers or croupiers, you can approach your colleagues to help out in this area.

There are legalities to playing without a license so instead of winnings being cashed in for cash why not let your guests’ cash them in for raffle tickets?  You can choose prizes that you know the staff would enjoy such as office equipment, mouse pads or noise cancelling headphones.  Other great prizes can be a day off (organised ahead of time with the boss of course), movie tickets, gift vouchers and such.