Winning Wizards Slot Basics for Casino Fans

Players need to keep their wands at the ready for the charming slots machine from Microgaming that is Winning Wizards. This captivating five-reel game will put a spell on players thanks to its graceful gameplay; delightful design and terrific two-way payline which is able to grant players wins going either way.

Players do not need to be versed in the art of magic in order to master Winning Wizards: since there are only five paylines and a limited set of bonus features, the game suits newcomers perfectly, and will allow them to boost their bankrolls while they find their feet. More experienced gamblers who are looking for some straight-down-the-line slots entertainment will enjoy it too, since its stripped-down gameplay features brings it all back to basics.

Gameplay for Winning Wizards Online Slots Machine Game

Players will find Winning Wizards a very easy game to enjoy: all that is required of them is that they determine how much they wish to lay in terms of a wager, and the reels can be set to spinning. There is no major decision required as to the selection of paylines which players will have active; since there are only five available, there is no jumble of lines for players to navigate. Players can choose to bet one, by means of the button provided, in order to add a payline, and the numbers of the side of the reels will light up each time a new line becomes active. Another thing that players should bear in mind is that these lines run both ways, and so twice as many wins are a possibility.

After the amount of paylines has been decided on, the next decision players will have to make is the size of the bet for each. This is done by means of the plus and minus buttons to be found on the control panel, and the quantity of money that can be placed on each is 0.25; 0.50; 1; 2; and 5, with this sum multiplied by the amount of paylines eventually set in play. The top bet is thus set at 25 per spin, a total which is able to suit players’ of most betting preference sizes.

Spellbinding Symbols in Use for Winning Wizards

Winning Wizards keeps the symbol situation simple too: there are no wilds or scatters that players at will need to focus on, and they can just try to make sure that they match up the standard icons made available to secure their payouts while the game plays out.

The lower valued-symbols for Winning Wizards are the ten; jack; queen; and king playing card icons, and these will be able to give bankrolls a beautiful boost if a minimum of three are landed anywhere on the reels.

The higher-valued icons are those which could be seen as the trademark items of the world of magic: a ravishing ruby ring; a vial of mysterious magic potion; a big book of spells; and a powerful wizard’s staff. The most valuable icon is the wizard himself, and his wild white beard and exemplary garb helps him stand out whenever he drops in. Five of these wizards will have players seeing a return of 10 000 credits, enough to cast a happy spell on any player taking part in the fun.