The Best AFL Betting Strategies Which You Can Use

The AFL or Australian Football League is Australia’s premier football league comprising 18 clubs playing over a period of 7 months. If you are interested in Australian football betting, this is surly the right league for you. Below we will be covering one of the better strategies for betting on the AFL and some tips to help make your strategy more viable.

Proportional Betting Strategy

Many professional bettors trying to find the perfect strategy for many years have brought us to two main outcomes. Firstly, there is no such thing as a perfect strategy and secondly, consistency in winning is more important than winning size.

A bettor who can achieve a constant win rate of over 55% is a successful better and will likely continue to be a successful bettor for years to come. This is why the proportional betting strategy is one of the best to implement when making your AFL bets. The proportional betting strategy in itself is simple. You start with your base bankroll.

Depending on the bankroll and how often you bet, you will select a percentage, usually between 1% and 5%. Once you have selected your desired percentage, risk only that percentage of your bankroll and stick to it. As you win, your bets will become larger.

As you lose, your bets will decrease in size. The proportional betting strategy can be somewhat disappointing to new bettors as short term profits will be small, this strategy is however catered to long term growth and loss mitigation more than short term profits.


A strategy alone means nothing without well-thought-out bets. No matter the strategy, you will need to have good knowledge and research on what you are betting on. Fortunately, information is freely available and easily accessible for the AFL. Below are a few of the factors you should be taking into consideration before making your AFL bets.

  • History – history is perhaps the most important knowledge you can gain on any sport. Not only short-term history, either. Be sure to research how a team has been doing for the last few years and be specific about performance at particular locations. These performances can reveal a lot about the team.
  • News – there are several news sources, all supplying the latest news about the AFL. While some may not be relevant to you, it is worth looking as they will quickly pick up on any changes that could affect your bet.
  • Know the teams – Many of the football clubs in the AFL have their own websites where they provide information firsthand. Clubs like Richmond Football Club provide great insider information and is worth checking before making your winning bets.


Finding value in your bets will be one of the most important skills you can attain as a bettor. Be sure to know how to understand odds and the probability implied by the odds. Implied probability along with your own researched probability will be vital in finding the right value for your bets.