The Basic Bets And Strategy Of Betting On NFL Football

NFL football is not only a religiously watched sport in the US, but has also become popular in other parts of the world, especially when it comes to sports betting. Wherever you go, however, you will generally come across the same betting options, each with their own strategy, which are summarised here.

The Moneyline Bet

The moneyline, or “to win”, bet is a simple wager on who will win, and it can be in terms of a single game, or the league winner, etc. The odds that are given are typically set according the favourites and the underdogs, with a margin to protect the sports book from devastating loss.

This is often the most common and popular bet because the strategy is usually fairly simple, and depends on the bettors willingness to take risk, their general knowledge of the game, and to a lesser extent, their understanding of odds. E.g. one can simply go with the best odds to play it safe or take a risk and potentially receive a greater reward. This said, having a decent understanding of odds is highly recommended, and will, in most cases, vastly improve your chances of winning.

The Totals Bet

This is a bet on the predicted final combined score of the teams. The prediction, and given odds, is usually made by the sports book oddsmaker, based on information from sports analysts and various news sources. As a bettor, one then wagers on whether the actual score will be over or under the predicted amount.

Like the moneyline bet, the basic strategy here is simply in knowing the game and having a decent enough understanding of odds in order to determine the risk.

The Point Spread Bet

Also a popular and common bet, the “point spread” is a certain figure created by the oddsmaker that represents either an advantage or disadvantage in terms of the team winning. The difference between the figures given to each team becomes the range, or spread, in which the team must either be within or without, to win or lose.

This type of bet can be riskier and require a more advance knowledge of the game, and odds, so it is recommended that one study its outcome and rules fully beforehand.

Other Common Bets

Prop bets – “Proposition” bets are side bets on certain aspects of the sport, as a player or team stats, that don’t affect the final outcome of a game or league, etc. They are usually determined with the “over-under” method.

Parlay bets – This is a special combination bet which can include multiple different bets, spread over different games, though on a single ticket. The bettor is required to win all of the bets in order to win the parlay bet.

Teasers bets – A combination of the point spread and parlay bets, with an added advantage of being able to adjust the point spread.

Live bets – This is a type of wager made while the game is under way, where the factors and odds in play change according to what is unfolding in the game.