Enjoy Your Favourite Game at Online Casino in Australia!

As one can imagine, there are a wide variety of games offered in Australian online casinos. These games vary in how they are played, the potential monetary risk and reward of playing them, and how popular they are with the generally online gambling public.

Baccarat in Australian Online Casinos

One of the games offered in Australian online casinos is called baccarat. There are three types of baccarat that have gained popularity since the game was introduced to casinos and online casinos. These game types include punto banco, which is a version from North America, baccarat chemin de fer and finally baccarat banque. The one that is most often played in casinos is the game of punto banco. This might be because there is absolutely not strategy involved when playing this version. It is strictly a game of chance. In the other versions, the players are allowed to make choices during the game. Regardless of the game type, the house odds for baccarat are around one percent. The game is played by comparing two card hands. This is the player versus the banker.  The player will win, the bank will win, or there will be a tie. This game was first seen in the early eighteen hundreds in France and has grown in popularity ever since.

Blackjack in Australian Online Casinos

Another of the games offered in Australian online casinos is called blackjack. This game also goes by the alternate name of twenty one. Like baccarat, this game also involves comparing two hands – that of the dealer and that of the player. If there is more than one player sitting at the table, the game is still between individual players and the dealer. The players will never play against each other. The game of blackjack is played with one deck of cards and sometimes more. The deck is a standard fifty two card deck. The object of this particular card game is to best the dealer.

The player can achieve this in one of several ways. The first way is get a total of twenty one points when the player is given their first two cards. The second way is to get a total number of points higher than that of the dealer without going over twenty one points. The final way is if the dealer goes over twenty one points by taking additional cards. Values of cards are face value for cards two through ten. The jack, queen and king are worth ten points each. The ace is worth either one point or eleven points depending on which is more beneficial to the player.

For instance, if the player is dealt a king and an ace, they have twenty one because the ace can serve as eleven points. However, if the player has been dealt a king, a five and an ace, they have a total of sixteen points. This is because if the ace was worth eleven points in this instance, the player would have a total of twenty six points and would bust. A bust would mean a loss for the player, so the ace is given a value of one point instead. The player can then choose to take another card or stay.